The Sound and Vision Pocket Show

The sound and vision pocket show

Touch the screen and music will start playing, “accompanied” by colorful animations of different shapes and patterns!

Most people will find this app utterly boring. Some will find it mildly interesting. And one or two (besides myself) might find it fascinating. Or somewhat entertaining. When they have absolutely nothing better to do.

How does it work: First of all, PUT ON YOUR HEADPHONES! Then put your finger on the screen to start the music and the animations and as you move your finger slowly across the screen, you will hear the different instruments, which will fade in and fade out along with the animations, when you move your finger.

What else can you do…

You can select colors for the animations and the background. And you can rearrange the instruments (move them around) to create your own musical arrangement of my little “pocket symphony”.

I hope you will have fun with this app. Enjoy the pocket show!


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