The Fat Cat Ballet Pocket Show


These little ballet cats may be fat, but they are definitely light on their paws!

This is a weird little app; little fat cats dance ballet around the screen together with colorful animated graphics, accompanied by different arrangements and mixes of my little “Fat Cat Ballet Symphony”. That’s it! That’s all it does. So now you’re warned : )

However, there ARE things you can do!

There are lots of settings to play around with; speed, animation interval, music, graphics and colors! But mostly you just need to sit back and let the Fat Cat Ballet Company and the Fat Cat Symphony Orchestra entertain you. And hopefully you’ll enjoy the show.

You don’t have to like ballet to like this app, but it probably helps if you like cats. Or kaleidoscopes – the graphics animations have a certain kaleidoscopic air about them. Sort of…

I hope you enjoy the show.


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