One Simple Shopping List

“One simple shopping list” is exactly THAT! …one simple shopping list! Nothing more, nothing less. 

“Do we really need yet ANOTHER shopping list app?”, I hear you say. Well… No, we don’t. But I needed a simple (and good looking!) shopping list app with exactly these features – and nothing more – and since I couldn’t find one, I created one.

So what ARE “these features”? I will tell you : )


  • organize your list items in (colored) categories
  • you can use the pre-defined categories (with descriptive icons) or just use the colors for any categories you like
  • your list items will be shown in the category order you set
  • your list items are saved in a history “dictionary” and earlier used MATCHING words will be shown when you start entering a new word
  • you can of course delete items from your history list
  • AND – last but certainly not least – YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE THE LOOK OF THE APP by selecting:
    – color for the background (choose between 20 different colors),
    – color for the top and right bars (choose between 32 different colors) and
    – background image/pattern (choose between 28 different images/patterns),
    which gives you a total of 17,920 possible combinations!.

I hope this app will make your grocery shopping easier and maybe a little more fun!


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