Office Cats

Office Cats game app for iphone and ipad

Office Cats is just a silly little game of mindless feline physics fun.

Eight cats working in the department for customer complaints get tired of answering the never ending stream of complaint letters, so they invent a new kind of office sport! They crumple up the letters and use them as balls in a combination of volleyball and basketball. They must keep the paper balls in the air and get them into the trash cans on the shelves for points – dropping a paper ball on the floor means GAME OVER!

And here’s what YOU must do

Tap the cats to make them jump and hit the paper ball to keep the game going. Aim for the trash cans to get points. Earning points will get your cats promoted for the next game. So the more points you earn, the more versatile your team will be. Some of the promoted cats can even earn points by catching the paper ball. Another promoted cat can play music for you. And some are just fun to look at!

There are no levels in this game. You can play in any of the 9 different offices whenever you want.

And that’s it! I hope you’ll enjoy playing with my feline office workers : )


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