Dustin in Danger

Dust in danger - game app for ipad

Just another little side-scroller game!

If you ask me – the developer – this is just a simple little run – jump – catch – avoid game featuring a (somewhat annoying) little gray dustball.

But if you ask Dustin – the aforementioned dustball and the game’s protagonist – this is a world-changing game based on an epic story about the bravest little dustball in the world (Dustin!) and his fight against evil cleaning tools and detergents. And a big black dog!


Anyway, in this game you have to help Dustin the dustball catch dust, cat hairs and feathers and avoid dangers like flying dust cloths, fast-moving vacuum cleaners and lethal dog farts!

And whether this is just a simple little casual game or a story of epic proportions turned into a game, Dustin is counting on your help!

Casual game app for iPad


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