Chorganizer ipad and iphone app

I really hate doing house chores! If I could, I would have developed an app, that could do my chores for me, but since that was not possible, I did the next best thing; I developed an app, that could motivate me to get my boring chores done. 

Chorganizer keeps your chores – yes, you guessed it – ORGANIZED. AND you get the pleasure of checking off the chores when you’ve done them.

How Chorganizer works

  • You add your chores by tapping the + button, enter WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and how often (the number of days between doing the chore)
  • You select a color and an icon/illustration for the chore (you can chose between 20 colors and 19 icons)
  • Chorganizer will always list your chores in the correct order with the one(s) you have to do first on top.
  • When you have done a chore, you check it off and Chorganizer will move it down the list and restart the days count until you have to do it again.

That’s it – easy peasy! I hope my Chorganizer will help you do your chores, too.

Just some of ideas

Divide your chores into manageable tasks and do a little every day. For me, that makes all the difference. And having my chores organized ALMOST makes it fun. I said ALMOST! House chores are never fun. But thinking of this kind of house (and garden) work as mini workouts, also motivates me.



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