Cat Clicker Trainer

Cat clicker trainer app for iphone and ipad

A really simple, easy to use cat clicker app for iPhone.

How it works

When you touch the paw on the screen, your iPhone “plays” the clicker sound. You can choose different colors for the paw on the screen and set the background to either black or white.

You can also have your cat touch the screen of your iPhone with its paw, this way the clicker sound will be perfectly timed with the desired action.

The iPhone cat clicker app also includes these instructions on how to clicker train your cat and photos showing cats being clicker trained.

How to clicker train your cat

Start with the easy stuff; things that will come naturally to your cat, like standing on its hind legs to sniff something (like a treat) held over its head or touch a cat toy with its paw. And then immediately click and reward with a treat. It’s very important that you click and reward immediately, otherwise your cat won’t associate the action with the click and the reward.

Once your cat masters one simple “trick”, go on to something slightly more challenging. But go slow, never force your cat and NEVER punish your cat, if it doesn’t get it right away. This is meant to be fun for both of you!


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