Mouse Dart Game for Cats

Mouse dart game for cats - ipad cat game

For cats who need a more challenging game!

“Build” you own mouse, select a dartboard, select sounds and let your cat play “MOUSE DARTS”.

My cats wanted me to make a new game for them so I came up with the idea for a “mouse darts game”, which they thought sounded fantastic. As it turned out that was mainly because they thought the game would involve throwing real darts at real mice! Needless to say they were a bit disappointed when they realized it was just (!) another iPad game! Ah well… But once it was ready for testing they had to admit they actually found it quite entertaining. They especially liked to see who could “build” the most stupid looking mouse!


Hit the mouse to get points according to the points on the dartboard. A bullseye will give you 200 points. A miss will deduct 10 points from your score.


  • Build your own (stupid looking) mouse. Select body, head, ears, eyes, nose, feet and tail.
  • Choose mouse speed: Slow, medium or fast.
  • Select dartboard: choose from 6 different dartboard backgrounds.
  • Select sounds for mouse run and mouse hit.
  • Reset score.

Cat game app for iPad!


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