Lucky Cat Lottery Numbers – Catch Game for Cats

Lucky cat lottery numbers - catch game for cats (and humans)

…and humans!

With “Lucky Cat Lottery Numbers – Catch Game For Cats”, your CAT can pick out your (hopefully WINNING) lottery numbers!

Your cat has fun playing “catch the mouse” and you don’t have to make hard decisions about which numbers to pick for your lucky lottery ticket. Totally win-win!

Keep it simple

… as they say, and that’s what I’ve done. You just enter a number for how many numbers you need (to fill out a row, for example) and what the highest number can be (the range of numbers) and tap the play button. Then the mouse and your cat will do the rest! Every time your cat catches the mouse, a random number will be selected. That’s it!

Please note: This app does NOT come with any guarantees of winning the lottery : ) It doesn’t come with any guarantees that you cat will play, either!


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