Games for Cats Bundle

Catch and paint games for cats - game app for ipad

Catch the fly cat game for ipad Mouse dart game for cats - ipad cat game Catch the mouse cat game for iPad

The ultimate game bundle for your cat(s)!

Games in this bundle

  • Catch and Paint Games for Cats
  • Catch the Fly Cat Game
  • Mouse Dart Game for Cats
  • Catch the Mouse – Cat Game

Lots of different mice, crawling and flying insects and a fish – on lots of different backgrounds and with lots of different sounds. There’s even a PAINT app in Catch and Paint Games for Cats, in which your cat can create fantastic art, that you can save to Photos and print out. In Mouse Dart Game for Cats, your cat gets points according to where on the dart board he or she catches the mouse. In short; something for (almost) every feline taste : )

Be aware, though, that not all cats like playing with virtual mice or insects! Some cats go crazy and some couldn’t care less. Cats have different tastes in toys. Yes, just like us : ) But of all the cats I have tested my games on – and that’s a lot! – only a few cats didn’t care for this kind of games. I hope your cat or cats will like my games. It’s great fun to watch cats play with iPad games.


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