Catch and Paint Games for Cats

Catch and paint games for cats - game app for ipad

The ultimate iPad game app for your cat!

Seven catch games, paw painting and a little musical game with The Persian Kitty Garage Band. Designed and developed with a lot of help from my own two cats, Sonny and Cher!


  • Mouse – brown, normal size
  • Mouse – white, small
  • Goldfish
  • Spider
  • Fly
  • Butterfly
  • Fleas

With sounds to catch your cat’s attention!


  • Select colors to paint with (you can freely choose between 27 different colors). You can choose to paint with just one or a few colors or paint with a combination of all 27 colors.
  • Choose between 3 different canvas (background) colors.
  • Choose between 2 different “paint helpers” – which actually work great as catch games as well!
  • Choose between “messy” and “clean” painting style
  • Save your paw painting to your camera roll (in the Photos app) and print it.


Catch the bouncing kitties to make them play their instruments.

The goal is to get them all to play at the same time. Which is not that easy, because these little Persian kittens quickly lose interest in practicing and start bouncing around the screen again!

I have tested all these games on MANY cats and although most of them enjoyed the games (especially the Catch the Mouse Game), I have to be honest; digital mice and spiders are not for all cats. Some just totally ignored the moving things on the screen. So don’t say I didn’t warn you : )

But I hope you and your cat(s) will have as much fun with these cat games as my cats and I have had developing them and testing the app!

CAT game app for iPad!


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