So… What can I say… about me…

This is me; Martine Carlsen. I don't have that aqua color in real life. It's just a Photoshop thing!
This is me; Martine Carlsen. I don’t have that aqua color in real life. It’s just a Photoshop thing!

Or rather, what can I say that won’t bore you to tears. I guess you already guessed that my name is Martine Carlsen and I’m 50-something. So far, so good. I live in Denmark. That’s in Europe. Way up north! Where it’s cold and dark (some of the time). It’s a very nice little country.

And you might also have guessed that I like cats! Yes, I like cats. Some people might call me a crazy cat lady (even though I only have two cats). And that’s partly true. The “crazy” part is true. The “lady” part is not!

And you might ALSO have guessed that I spend a lot of time doing all kinds of stuff on my computer (whose name is Sean Ryan – Dr. Sean Ryan to be precise).

What else do I do…

I draw, paint, design, edit videos and compose music. I do flash animations for my ecards website, cat designs for my online cat shop, I take photos and shoot videos. And now I also create iPhone and iPad apps. I love my iPhone and my iPad! I love all my Apple products, and, no, they don’t pay me to say that! I’m just one of those crazy apple freaks!

Well, that’s about it for now. Can’t think of any more to write (did I hear a “Thank God!” somewhere?). So… Bye now!